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We currently have our Adventure Vests, Nature Tracker Bags, Butterfly Wings and Tree Climbing Skirt available in the shop!


Adventure Vests:

The perfect piece of clothing for all your adventures. Provides warmth, while also allows your little explorer to move and climb. Adventure Vest will fit comfortable over a t-shirt or on cooler days a sweater.

Adventure Vest

Adventure Vest

The adventure vest’s outer layer is 100% cotton canvas, and has a 100% cotton interior, and an insulating layer of fleece.

Choose your canvas colour

Choose your canvas colour


All vests are custom made by me, so please allow 1- 2 weeks before shipping.

Custom options include Canvas colour, Interior fabric, Zipper or snaps and with or without pockets.




Nature Tracker Messenger Bag

This is a great bag for kids to bring along on all their adventures. A messenger bag with a flexible strap, large front pocket for your bug collector, inside pockets for note-pads and pencils, and plenty of room for your magnifying glass and any other treasures your littles might find.

Nature Tracker #1

Nature Tracker Bag

The exterior of the bag is sturdy 100% cotton Canvas and the exterior is 100% cotton (Please indicate your design choices).

Dimensions of the bag are:

Nature Tracker Bag

Nature Tracker Bag

9″ tall
7″ wide
1.5″ deep

**Nature Tracker Bags do not come with nature tracking supplies**





Butterfly Wings

Monarch Butterfly Wings

Monarch Butterfly Wings

Monarch Butterfly Wings are a great addition to any of your indoor or outdoor play. They fit a range of sizes/ages and are easy to slip on and off.

Made from Wool Felt and some nylon. The Monarch Wings have both back-pack style stretchy straps and stretchy arm bands. Detail is sewn. (Hood not included)

All wings are custom made by me, so please allow 1- 2 weeks before shipping.

With every Monarch Wing purchase $2 will go towards butterfly conservation/education.

Sizes of wings generally fit the following ages: Small (size 1-2 years) Medium (size 3-6 years) Large (size 7-10 years)


Tree Climbing Skirt

The perfect combination of playful and practical. This hardy stretch denim skirt is hardy and allows lots of movement. It has a comfortable stretch waist band that can extend high or can fold-over. The pockets are as practical as they are playful. Exposing a fun fabric while allowing your little ones to keep their on-the-go treasures!

Tree Climbing Skirt

Tree Climbing Skirt

The skirt is stretch denim and 100% cotton.

All items are made to order, so please allow 2-weeks until delivery.

Tree Climbing Skirt

Tree Climbing Skirt


Tree Climbing Skirt

Tree Climbing Skirt


5 Responses to Shop

  1. veganyarn says:

    Awesome! These are so great!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey super awesome creative mama! I love love love your latest “project” and am hoping to purchase something for Dean ASAP!

    You may want to consider adding some purples, pinks or blue options. Always hoped M would go for earth tones but, as it turns out, that’s just not up to me. She’s an adventurer and explorer – but definitely prefers to explore in fairy princess colour : )


    • elizabeth!!!!

      thank you so much for your kind words! Cant wait to send something to dean! I have so many other colour options – I am slowly taking good photo’s and getting them up online, I will make sure that I prioritize the pinks and purples – I have many little’s that have requested a more pinky tone!!

      Hope to see you guys soon!


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